Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant (Chapter 35)


Long story short, because real life got in the way, this will be the last properly translated chapter.  

That said, I didn’t want to leave things hanging, so I was thinking of doing a summary or subtitling the radiodrama. Since more people preferred a summary, I’ll be doing a abridged translation for the remaining chapters, by translating only the most important chapters and summarising the gaps between them.

Of course, with this, a lot of the character & relationship development will unfortunately be lost. Also, the pace will feel much, much quicker. If it feels weird/ disjointed, this is 100% because of my translation, and nothing to do with the author’s writing.

So far, chapters 1-35 of the translation = chapters 1-103 of the Chinese text.

Next chapter onwards will be a summaryabridged translation starting from chapter 104 of the Chinese text.

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Status Update for Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Due to personal reasons, I’m discontinuing the translation of Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant.

That said, I know it’s awful to leave things hanging, so after thinking about it, I came up with two options:

1. A summary of the remaining chapters.

We’re currently at chapter 101 out of 513 of the Chinese text. I can summarise the remaining chapters by arcs, and subtitle the fan-made MV at the end of it all to tie things up.

2. Subtitle the radiodrama.

MGT is one of the few books where some fans have dedicated a lot of time and effort to produce a radiodrama. For those unfamiliar, a radiodrama is basically a drama without visuals, so it’s audio only, with different voices for each character. It also stays much truer to the novel than drama adaptations, since they do not change the plot or characters. It just aims to bring the book to life.

Currently, 11 episodes of the radiodrama have been produced, each around 1 hr long. They have covered up to chapter 430+ of the Chinese text, and I estimate that they will end around 15 episodes. The radiodrama also follows the chronological order of events, so episode 1 begins from chapter 14 of the translation.

For those curious as to what the radiodrama is like, the link to the first episode is here.

For this option, I’ll try to embed the subs into the video and upload it to somewhere like youtube.

So, which option do you guys prefer?

A summary will be faster for me to do but for this novel which focuses on emotions rather than plot, a summary would be quite dry & probably wouldn’t be able to bring out the emotions as well as the radiodrama.

For the radiodrama, it’ll take more time since I’m unfamiliar with embedding subs into videos. Also, I’m not sure if you guys are into radiodramas, since it’s a completely different medium from text/reading.

Or if anyone has any alternatives, do feel free to share.

Update: I’ll be doing option 1, by translating the more important chapters, and summarising the rest.

One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime (Chapter 10)

One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime was to have ended with He Yujin’s death, but the author had a dream after and her muse returned. The following extra story, told from Gao Fei’s perspective, is a continuation on Gao Fei’s life after He Yujin’s death.

Gao Fei’s story was my favourite part of the book, and the main reason why I have chosen to translate this. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

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