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Made my own since most novels can’t be found on Goodreads/ NovelUpdates… Sorted by pinyin of the chinese titles.

Update 06/01/2020: this list is no longer being updated. i’ve moved to excel :’)

♥ personal favourites
must-read angst novels


Dark Desires | an yu
•  Modern-Day, HE
•  Rating: 4.5 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  Nan Yejue and Rong En, my favourite couple from Sheng Yao’s modern-day romance novels.


Song of Baijie
•  Xuanhuan, Sub-Stories; HE + Tragedy
•  Rating: 2
–  Average.

百里长安/ 浮生梦·三生约(叶笑)
Hundred Miles of Chang’an
Floating Dreams, The Promises of Three Lifetimes
•  Xuanhuan, Reincarnation, HE
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3
–  In her first life, she jumped 九鼎 for him; in her second life, he mistook another for her, and killed her with his hands; in her third life, he lost his immortality, and died for her… Still, I love Baili Junhua with Ye Xiao.

Bai Ri Yi Shan Jin
•  Historical, Second Chances, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 1
–  From the comments at jjwxc, it seems most readers dislike the idea of Bai Zhi going back to Mu Tusu in her second chance at life, but this novel makes a good change from the usual (also, my most hated) trope of reincarnation & revenge on the ML. 

Half-Demon Sympathies | ban yao lian
•  Historical, Mythology, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  Guyue Xi is a half-demon who took over Zuoyan Xi’s body after the latter wasted away and died as the unfavoured & unremembered consort of Lin Yizhi… I don’t understand how Lin Yizhi fell out of love so quickly with Qin Lan, but ok… The most memorable scene would be when, during Lin Yizhi’s coronation as the new Emperor & his marriage to Qin Lan, Guyue Xi was sentenced to death by poison wine… but things were never as they seemed.

Sorry, You’re Just A Prostitute
Modern-Day, Prostitution, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  Despite the rather provocative title, this book is anything but that; the author was probably going for the “don’t just a book by its cover [in this case, title]” effect, which worked. Rather than all the sleazy/ glitzy melodrama you would expect with the title, instead, you’re in for a bittersweet novel that leaves your heart empty after you’ve finished it. It ends badly – there are no winners, certainly not Xia Ou. What’s heartbreaking is that, I’m sure, out there in the world, there still exists girls like Xia Ou…

Scarlet Heart | bu bu jing xin

•  Historical (Qing), Politics, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3
–  The novel which started it all, and will always have a special place in my heart.

Unrepentant | bu wu
•  Historical, Flashbacks, Spirits, Tragedy
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  From the synopsis I thought this would be like 废后将军, but they are worlds apart. If Murong Yan treated Zuo Canglang just a fraction the way Lin Si’ze treated Gu Hongjian, I wouldn’t have had my heart broken so badly there. This novel is a lot kinder on your heart.


Cruel Music | can yin
•  Historical, Xuanhuan, Fake Death, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  The first few chapters were the most heart-wrenching. Ye Canxin and Hanyin may have taken a longer route, but I’m glad their second chance did not go to waste.

Unfavoured Side Consort
•  Historical, Love Triangle, Politics, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  Read this because some people said it was similar to MGT, but not really.

There Was Once a Person, Who Loved Me With His Life
•  Modern-Day, Mafia, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 3.5
–  Sun Jiayu & Zhao Mei… I wished the two of you never walked out of the snowstorm, rather than what was to happen. When I saw what a reviewer said, ‘世间再无孙嘉遇, Sun Jiayu no longer exists in this world……’ my tears started falling again.

Lament at Changmen Palace
•  Historical (Han), Angst, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  Chen Jiao, this story made me realise that perhaps, you too had a story that was untold in history books.

长生府 (叶笑)
Longevity Manor
•  Xuanhuan, Short Story, Tragedy
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  ‘I like you,’ he said. Yet the woman he loved would never know.

Foolishly Loving the Cold Minister

•  Historical, Angst, Politics, HE
•  Rating: 2
–  Downtrodden, viewed-as-a-jinx female lead who never gave up on the male lead, a man who shone amongst the common people. This novel came recommended, but I didn’t quite connect with the characters.

•  Xianxia, Master-Disciple, HE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2
–  Luo Yinfan, you were part of the reason why Chongzi fell into demonhood. Youu wondered why Chongzi refused to turn back, but you have forgotten that each time she trusted you, she was greeted with imprisonment and death.

Unattractive Consort 一 Mu Xue
•  Historical, Reincarnation, HE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  Been wanting to read this for some time since a lot of people said it was similar to MGT. It has more focus on the harem and the characters are less relatable than MGT, but overall, it’s a good historical+angst romance. Everyone thought the woman Yu Haoxuan loved was Ru Yue, the deposed consort, to the extent that he sacrificed Ming Yue for her, but things are never as they seem…

The Legend | chuan qi
•  Historical, Politics, Dual Identities, HE
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 5++
–  By far the most emotionally-exhausting story I’ve ever read. Multiple identities, blood-feud between their families, revival of a dead lover… Although my heart was ripped to shreds once Gu Xiluo revives, still, on hindsight, I’m glad she did. Like Li Huaisu, I wondered if Lian Yu truly forgot his dead first love. Rather than have this question weighing upon your minds the whole time, at least now, we get an answer.

Hatred of Spring Flowers
Historical, Fake Death, Assassins, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  Fortunately, all is not lost.

春娇入眼千金郎 (羽仟仟)
Chun Jiao Ru Yan Qian Jin Lang
Historical, Short Story, Tragedy
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  A short but touching story. 

Usurping Empress | cuan xin huanghou
•  Historical, Politics, HE
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  Suzi’s books are realllllly long. The first half of her books are usually pretty interesting, but then they start to slow and your curiosity kind of vanishes. Still, Cuan Xin Huanghou is probably one of her better books.

Mistaken Love: A Debt to You

•  Historical, Love Triangle, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3.5
–  To watch as the man you loved marry a princess in a political marriage, then come to love that princess… Ying’er, when Zhongli Yuyuan let go of your hand by the cliff-side to save Princess Yuning, my heart hurt for you. Years of companionship, all given up in a split-second.

Mistaken Love: Amendments (sequel)

•  Historical, Love Triangle, HE
•  Rating: 2.5 ~ Angst: 2
–  Sequel to A Debt to You, where Ying’er somehow survives. Zhongli Yuyuan, even until the end, I don’t know if a second chance was truly the right path for you and Ying’er.


Ballad of the Desert

•  Historical (Han Dynasty), Politics, HE
•  Rating: 4.5 ~ Angst: 2
–  It’s incredible how Tong Hua is able to weave a story to give us a glimpse into the lives of people who truly existed in history.

Imprisoned Consort | dai zui qiu fei
•  Historical, Romance, HE
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  Classic 虎头蛇尾,the beginning was quite tragic (reminiscent of MGT), but the rest of the book was mild in comparison. The author avoids a lot of melodramatic plot developments & devices, but this just means that the suspense she builds isn’t properly dissipated, leaving a rather anti-climatic feel. Eg: I thought Gong Qingyue and An Qiyang would have greater roles (given how much “hints” the author dropped), but it didn’t turn out to be anything. The romance between Gong Wuxin and Yuan Chenghao was ok I guess – a relaxing read. I guess the most dramatic part of the book, sans the beginning, would be the fall of  Empress Ye Manzhen. 

Eastern Palace

•  Historical, Betrayal, Amnesia, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3
–  The River of Forgetfulness, to forget a love… A very memorable story. Gu Xiaowu, your story with Xiaofeng was never destined to have a happy ending. Still, I wish things could have turned out differently.


Deposed Empress General

•  Historical, Torture, Betrayal, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 4
–  Murong Yan, Zuo Canglang made the choice for you. You no longer have to waver between her and Jiang Bilan. Because Zuo Canglang no longer exists in this world. This is a novel where I cannot even conceive a happy ending.

Fei Wo Qing Cheng

•  Historical, Mistaken Identity, Kind of HE
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 5
–  My Gentle Tyrant on drugs. Very brutal on my heart, from beginning to the end. A lot of books weave a story involving three lives, but this was one of the few where I truly felt the impact of all three lives. Shangguan Jinghong and Qiao Chu; Qin Ge and Qiao Hailan; Fei Tian and Ruo Lan – after three lives and countless heartbreaks, I’m glad for the few years you both had in Dongling, and the many more years in the modern world.

Helping My Husband Seize the Throne
Historical, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 1
–  The 3rd book by RGJ I’ve read and also the last complete book she wrote (养女小四是坑). While I loved Qiqi and Jiu’er’s stories, I think this book was slower paced and less heartwrenching than the other two. It also features a love triangle between Zhao Xiangsi (Liu’er aka FL), Long Shangxue (ML) and Long Shangyang (2nd ML). Also, despite the title, there’s not much seizing the throne involved because the story takes place more on the battlefield rather than within court. 



•  Modern-Day, Reunion, Prison, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 4
–  Sometimes, we need second chances.  Even though the outcome of our story will not change, at least, we can leave with fewer regrets. For Hansheng and Tong Yehui, this was especially true.

Black and White
•  Modern-Day, Mafia, Possessive-ML, HE
•  Rating: 4
–  Good read if you’re in the mood for a possessive ML who dabbles in the grey side of law. Decent writing and characters.

Heyi Shengxiao Mo
Modern-Day, Reunion, Devoted-ML, HE
•  Rating: 4
–  He Yichen, the dream ML.

红袖为谋 (叶笑)
The Female Strategist
•  Historical, Short Story, Tragedy
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  She let him down, not he let her down.

花千骨(fresh 果果)
Journey of the Flower | hua qian’gu 

•  Xianxia, Master-Disciple, HE
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3
–  Bai Zihua, a fairytale within a fairytale. Hua Qian’gu, his disciple who managed to walk into his life. Memorable characters. Love Bai Zihua.

Hua Xu Yin

•  Xuanhuan, Sub-Stories, Tragedy (x5)
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 4.5
–  One of the most beautifully written and heart-wrenching stories I’ve read. Song Ning, Ying Ge, Qing Jiujiu, Murong An, Jun Fu… I wished so much for at least one of you to have a happier ending. My heart hurts just thinking about Song Ning and Qing Jiujiu’s stories even now.


False Love | jia ai zhen zuo
Modern-Day, HE
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3
–  My third modern-day romance by Sheng Yao. Ming Chengyou is a less extreme ML than Yu Zun and Nan Yejue. Love him with Fu Ran. Though I think You Yingrui didn’t deserve such a bad ending.. 

假凤虚凰 (叶笑)
Fake Phoenixes | jia feng xu huang
Historical, Angst, Gender Switch, OE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3
– 假凤虚凰,作者是我最爱的叶笑,读完了这本书才明白为何取这书名。在我书慌时这本书陪了我有段日子… 前半部轻松搞笑,后半部把读者往死里虐还让叶瑞琪做牺牲品来陪葬。苏域与谢清运不同的是第一次叶清歌忘了谢清运,便是一生的错过,而第二次她忘了苏域,却已谢宣从生再次与他相遇。结局有点酸甜,不是悲剧但也有点酸色的味道,叶清歌总算也是死了,世上再无叶清歌,只有谢宣 ,但叶清歌本来就不该存在。 结局悲了些,但至少没走《东宫》那套路。

Cinderella’s Dream | jia qi ru meng
•  Modern-Day, Illness, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3
–  A classic tragedy that I’ve been wanting to read for the longest time. Ruan Zhengdong, Meng Heping, You Jiaqi… three lives and a simple story narrated in this novel. Even knowing the ending, your heart still clenches at the end. Ruan Zhengdong and Meng Heping – do such men really exist in our world?

★ 佳期如梦之海上繁花 (匪我思存)
Tears in Heaven | hai shang fan hua
•  Modern-Day, Illness, OE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3
–  The first novel of Fei Wo Si Cun that I read. Boarded the wrong ship, had my heart broken. 

The General’s Command
Historical, War, Short Story, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  A short story which captured my attention right from the first sentence: On the day Shangguan Ling died, it was also the eve of the new Emperor’s wedding. She had locked herself into the city tower, then set the place ablaze. 

Stories of Jiangnan
•  Historical, Master-Disciple, OE
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 2
–  Beautifully written. Reminiscent of Hua Xu Yin, but less tragic and with greater emphasis on the main storyline. Came for the heartbreak, stayed for Lou Xiyue and Qixiang, two characters who I fell in love with beyond my expectations.

Destiny Formed | jie yuan
•  Historical, Politics, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 3
–  Same author as 殇璃 Shattered Glass, but the last third of the novel nosedived. I agree with those who said that the novel should have ended with chapter 37. It would be a tragedy, but that is preferable to the ??? [insane things] which happened thereafter. 

Turning to Ashes | jin cheng hui

•  Historical, Short Story, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3
–  The ending completely blindsided me, and my first reaction was to close the browser, while my mind struggled to comprehend what just happened. That acute feeling of regret which suddenly slammed into you, the reader, is the reason why I still remember this short story till today.

Jin Yun Zhe, Mo Shang Shuang
Historical, Politics, Second Chances, HE
•  Rating: 2 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  Don’t know if I read this book on a bad day or otherwise, but I wasn’t able to connect with the characters, so I felt quite detached reading this.

Stunning Allure | jue se qing cheng
•  Modern-Day, Revenge, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3.5
–  Lu Weixi, Ruan Shaonan, Ling Luochuan; three lives, intertwined. 陆未唏与阮劭南是孽缘:人生若只如初见,初见不如不相见。结局真的可恨又可悲,当一切尘埃落定,阮劭南复仇成功换来的只是绝望的自尽,陆未唏为了凌落川殉情换来的并不是奈何桥边的重逢,而是永远的道别。原来,凌落川一直还活着,只是被虐残失了记忆。如今,他只记得有一个女孩一直在等着他…… 可他终究等不到那位女孩…… 雨落川下,白露未晞,陆未唏与凌落川,来世再见。


Tears in the City: Cold Ruler’s Only Love

•  Historical, Love Triangle, HE
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  A less intense version of My Gentle Tyrant. Probably inspired by it too, given how similar some scenes were. Still, the audiobook is one of the best out there, so this is worth a listen.

冷情上神,请休妻! (南觅)
Unfeeling High Immortal, Please Divorce Your Wife!

•  Historical, Reincarnation, HE
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 2
–  An okay read when you’re bored. Easy to follow. Two parts to the novel; the first on the characters’ lives as immortals, and the second, when they reincarnate to ancient China.

The Kind Immortal’s Impossible Wish 

•  Xuanhuan, Misunderstanding, Tragedy
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 3
–  The xuanhuan version of 殇璃 (Shattered Glass). Tianyin, one of the most ill-fated characters I’ve ever met.

♥ 路从今夜白 1 & 2(墨舞碧歌)
The Journey From Tonight is White

•  Modern-Day, Reunion, Illness, HE
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 3
–  He Yichen is everyone’s dream ML, but Gu Yebai is mine.


Mei Ren Zai Ce Hua Man Tang
Historical, Politics, HE
•  Rating: 2
–  A little too slow for my liking. Good audiobook though, by the same narrator as MGT.

Death of a Beauty 

•  Historical (Han), Time-Travel, HE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2
–  Dong Zhuo, a villain in history, who I came to love in this novel. A different take on history, an untold perspective.

魅骨/ 百魅生(玉蝉)
Enchanting Bones | mei gu
•  Historical, Xuanhuan, HE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  Fate plays a cruel game but fortunately, there are second chances. The arc in the beginning where Yu Heng died was the saddest but the rest of the book has minimal angst.

Mi Xing
Romance, HE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2
–  Yu Zun & Mo Shengxiao is the most extreme couple in Sheng Yao’s modern-day novels. The beginning was a cliffhanger; in a way, Yu Zun reminds me of Toreth from Manna Francis’s The Administration. Stayed up all night to finish this book.

The Promise Between Mu and Yu
•  Historical, Reunion, Amnesia, HE
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 2
–  Even without his memories, Yin Sang continues to love Qian Cuiyu.


The Slave: Qi Qi

•  Historical, Master-Slave, Torture, OE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3
–  Some people may wonder why Qi Qi is so devoted to Xiahou Ling, but I like her devotion. In a way, she reminds me of a younger or more naive version of Wen Heng.


Seventh July: Qing | qiyue qiri qing

•  Modern-Day, Incest, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 4
–  Shen Tianqing and Shen Hanyu, I have never once felt that your love was impure.

The Woman Waiting for the Emperor

•  Historical, Love Triangle, HE
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 2
–  Similar to Mo Wu Bi Ge’s novels, but less intense. A very long book, so once the conflict gets resolved, the last one-third of the book is a little draggy.

Qing Xu Lian Wo

•  Historical, Short Story, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3
–  By the end of the story, my tears were flowing.

Qing Shang Shi Yao
•  Historical, Corpse-FL, OE
•  Rating: 1.5 ~ Angst: 2
–  This was a really, really weird story. I can only recoil in horror. Yi Du Jun Hua has outdone herself in this book…

Love is Here, Never to Awaken

•  Modern-Day, Hidden Identity, HE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  The novel by Mo Wu Bi Ge none of her fans really talk about. Worth reading, but is less memorable than her other novels.


re ai cheng xing
•  Modern-Day, Betrayal, Mafia, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  Wish more was elaborated on the arc where Zhan Dongqin set Su Liangmo up and led to her imprisonment. That was the highlight of the book.


Three Lives: Resurrection Lily

•  Historical, Reincarnation, Amnesia, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  Roller-coaster ride. FL kept wavering between ML & 2nd ML though.

Three Lives, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

•  Xuanhuan, Devoted-ML, HE
•  Rating: 4
–  Dare I say it? The drama was better than the book. Ye Hua & Bai Qian were perfectly brought to life in Eternal Love.

三世守护 1:一世莫爱(惜之)
Silently Loving You in our First Lives

•  Historical, Love Triangle, Tragedy
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 3
–  Qu Weixu, why is your love inhibited by your responsibilities?

三世守护 2:二世哑情(惜之)
An Unutterable Love in our Second Lives

•  Historical, Misunderstandings, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3
–  Zi’er, even after reincarnating, the only thing which changed was that you could no longer vocalise your love.

三世守护 3 :三世泣恋(惜之)
A Sorrowful Love in our Third Lives

•  Historical, Misunderstandings, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 3
–  Finally, a turn for the better after three lives.

三世寻觅 1:错过前世(惜之)
Letting our First Lives Slip Pass

•  Historical, Misunderstandings, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 4
–  Xi Zhi, the queen of melodramatic tearjerkers. My swollen eyes. Gao Yuchen, why? My favourite series from Xi Zhi.

三世寻觅 2:期待来世(惜之)
Longing for our Next Lives

•  Historical, Wuxia, Love Triangle, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 4
–  Gao Yuchen and Caiqing, even two lifetimes wasn’t enough for the both of you to find your happy ending.

三世寻觅 3:执着今生(惜之)
Treasuring This Life

•  Historical, Love Triangle, Tragedy + HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  Gao Yuchen and Caiqing, two lovers who were never meant to have a happy ending. After three lives, I am not sure if they even ought to be together…

Mulberry Song
•  Historical, Xuanhuan, Tragedy-to-HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  I like the author’s approach in narrating the story, though the existence of spirits in the world transformed the novel into one of a happy-ending-in-the-making masquerading as a tragedy. After all, in the afterlife, Sang Ge would be reunited with An Ziwu.

Shattered Glass | shang li 

•  Historical, Double Suicide, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 4.5
–  A story which I cannot bear to re-read. One of the most depressing & despairing stories I’ve ever come across. An acute sense of helplessness seizes you as you watch everything spiral towards a tragedy…

Blooming | sheng kai

•  Modern-Day, Smut, HE
•  Rating: 2
–  PWP. But I’ve read better PWP fanfics so this novel was a miss for me.

Unfavoured Abandoned Consort

•  Historical, Torture, HE
•  Rating: 2 ~ Angst: 2
–  Through this novel, I was introduced to some very creative ways of torture. Ow.

Twelve Spirits | shi’er hun

•  Historical, Sub-Stories, Tragedy (x11)
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3.5
–  Similar feel to Hua Xu Yin. Eleven interconnected stories, each telling a different love story, all of which strike your heart.

To Our Ten Years
•  Modern-Day, Military Families, HE
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 3.5
–  Yan Xi and Wen Heng, my all-time favourite characters in c-novels. Ten years of their lives, narrated in one novel. It took me 4 attempts to read it, having dropped it thrice, but I’m grateful to everyone who told me to persist. You’re right. This novel was something different, the way it just fills your heart up. It feels like I’ve lived ten years just reading this book.


Abandoned Crown Princess: Ji Jiu’er

•  Historical, Politics, Love Square, HE
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 4
–  Gongzi Ce and Ji Jiu’er, a love that does not have to be vocalised.


Ballad of Ten Thousand Gu

•  Historical, Master-Disciple, OE
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 2
–  A simple story, with a different approach in narration. Like all of Ye Xiao’s stories, she writes in a way that is able to capture your attention right from the beginning.

挽不回的旧时光/ 独宠旧爱:陆少的秘密恋人(云檀)
The Days We Can Never Return To

•  Modern-Day, Reunion, Insanity, HE
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 3
–  In a world of c-novels with super 雷 titles, this novel was a hidden gem. It’s 独宠, but the tone of the book is heavy; by the end of the novel, so many bodies have piled up… Chang Jing; Han Yongxin; Gu Qinghuan; Liu Yiyi; Lu Qingqing; Han Yu… 人生若只如初见:陆子初 & 顾笙……

Fling | wan chong
Modern-Day, University, HE
•  Rating: 1.5 ~ Angst: 1
–  Don’t really like Pei Ran or An Chenyu. A little bit similar to Sheng Yao’s 迷性 and 暗欲 but less well written. DNF’ed. 

wan xiang yue
•  Modern-Day, Fluff, University, HE
•  Rating: 2.5 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  Another of Hei Yan’s books. I don’t think I’m a huge fan because it’s really difficult to feel connected with her characters, like with 春花厌. Which is sad because she writes a lot of historical+angst novels.

Weiwei’s Smile is Very Alluring

•  Modern-Day, Fluff, University, HE
•  Rating: 3
–  Not bad, but I prefer Heyi Shengxiao Mo.

Wennuan’s Xian

•  Modern-Day, Reunion, HE
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 4
–  Zhan Nanxian, the most hard-hearted ML I’ve seen in a while. At some point in time, I wonder, why does he still persist with his revenge?

A Sorrow Without Words
•  Modern-Day, Insanity, Abuse, HE
•  Rating: 2 ~ Angst: 2
–  Was in the mood for a novel with an insane MC, but I may have gotten more than I bargained for in this novel… Featuring abuse, rape (gang rape), humiliation… basically, everything to force the MC down the path of insanity. Can.


夏有乔木,雅望天堂 I(籽月)
Xia You Qiao Mu, Ya Wang Tian Tang (I)
•  Modern-Day, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  I read somewhere the author wrote this book after a break-up and wanted the world to cry the way she did… She succeeded. I don’t know if I dare to read the next book, since Qu Weiran’s story is supposed to be even sadder than Xia Mu and Shu Yawang’s.

Xieyi’s Letter | xieyi shu

•  Historical, Short Story, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2
–  Somehow, the last line of the novel stayed with me till today: Shu Xieyi, I like you. 

Sleepless on our Wedding Night
•  Modern-Day, Marriage, HE
•  Rating: 2 ~ Angst: 2
–  Should have ended with a tragedy.

Blood Rose | xuewei

•  Historical, Wuxia, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 2
–  Shu Jingrong and Xiao Yiqing, two incredibly brilliant and overachieving characters whose lives were cut-short because of this brilliance.


Ye Huan Liang: Shi Shen Wei Hou

•  Historical, Love Triangle, HE
•  Rating: 3.5 ~ Angst: 2
–  Su Zi’s novels are basically a less-heartwrenching version of Mo Wu Bi Ge’s novels, and worth a read if you like this genre.

Falling Leaves Without Trace

•  Modern Day, Second Chances, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3.5
–  Better late than never, but why does it still hurt? I like the original title more though: 我心盈盈.

Ye Ningxi
Modern-Day, Mafia, Incest, Rape, Tragedy
•  Rating: 4 ~ Angst: 3
–  The title is a play on the characters’ names: Xuan Siye (ML) and Xuanyuan Ningxi (FL). The ending was a surprise: it turns out, Xuanyuan Ningyu was not truly the harmless, doting half-brother he appeared to be. It made sense:  Ningxi is the product of incest between their father & his sister, Xuanyuan Minghui, and the reason why Ningyu and his mother had such a difficult time. But because of him, Ruo Bing was murdered; Chuan Zhi forced to his death; Xuan Siye betrayed by Ningxi once more… and there can never be a happy ending between Ningxi and Xuan Siye. Sometimes, I wonder just how Xuan Siye can let Ningxi know that he had never betrayed her… it was the case with Chengzhen, and it continues to be so with Ruo Bing…

Enchanting Night | ye yao rao

•  Historical, Politics, HE
•  Rating: 1.5 ~ Angst: 1.5
–  When a “cold” & “rational” FL becomes too Mary Sue for even me, a reader of Mary Sue novels, to endure.

One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime

•  Modern Day, Forced Marriage, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 2.5 (HYJ), 3.5 (GF)
–  Gao Fei and He Yujin, I believe in your love.

Memories of Your Beautiful Shadow 
•  Historical, Hidden Identity, Politics, HE
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3.5
–  One of the better historical & angst novels I’ve read. A mysterious beginning and heartwrenching middle.


•  Historical, Misunderstandings, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  Was it fate which loves to play tricks, or meddling third parties?

Yu Fan Hua

•  Historical, Politics, War, HE
•  Rating: 3
–  Loved the audiobook.

Song in the Clouds
Historical (Han), Politics, Tragedy
•  Rating: 5 ~ Angst: 3
–  Liu Fuling, for you, I read three volumes of Yun Zhong Ge.


Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

•  Historical, Xuanhuan, Love Triangle, HE
•  Rating: 5++ ~ Angst: 4.5
–  Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin) was the book which got me into the world of c-novels, but this was the one which made me stay. Haven’t looked back since, and probably never will. Break my heart, then put it back together. Ah Li and Xiaoqi – two characters who fit so perfectly. 阿离 + 小七 = 一生一世一双人.

An Angel Who Lost Favour
•  Modern-Day, Unrelated Siblings, HE
•  Rating: 3 ~ Angst: 2
–  As always, with Xi Zhi, the angst starts at the halfway mark. Shuangshuang is, after all, Lu Yinshuang, and not truly Yingchuan’s blood sister.

Abandoned Angel
•  Modern Day, Deaf FL, HE
•  Rating: 2.5 ~ Angst: 1
–  Here, we get to see Gongteng Jinyi and Liangjun’s story, but I think I preferred the other stories in the series.

A Marriage That Kills
•  Modern-Day, Betrayal, HE
•  Rating: 2 ~ Angst: 2.5
–  Speed read this to get to the scene mentioned in the summary, but dropped it after it devolved into the FL-leaves-ML-but-reunites-because-of-a-son-the-ML-does-not-know-about trope. I have an irrational dislike for stories placing an emphasis on the characters’ children.