Chapters Index

Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Translation of

Author: Mo Wu Bi Ge (墨舞碧歌)
Translation Status: Read this
Length: 513 chapters (main text). However, I’ll be following the audiobook by combining multiple chinese chapters into each translated chapter.

Summary  •  Characters List •  Review/ Thoughts

[1] An Execution
[2] An Emperor’s Promise
[3] An Emperor’s Cruelty
[4] An Emperor’s Heart
[5] An Emperor’s Gift
[6] Forgotten Memories
[7] The Last Palace
[8] A Traitorous Consort
[9] An Unutterable Secret
[10] Her Last Wish
[11] Defying the Heavens
[12] Remembering Her
[13] Past and Future
[14] The Beginning
[15] Yuncang: Xi Liang
[16] The Young Emperor
[17] Complicated and Contradictory
[18] A Puzzling Question
[19] Banquet at Huayin Palace
[20] Once a Lifetime
[21] The Emperor’s Intentions
[22] No Right to Ask
[23] Polarising Ends
[24] Never Ever
[25] If Your Heart Were Dead
[26] Why Is It You?
[27] A Debt to be Repaid
[28] Kiss in the Rain
[29] The Legend of Zisu
[30] The Art of Tea
[31] Who Allowed You to Learn?
[32] One Meeting in Our Lifetimes
[33] Since Fate Has Brought Us Together…
[34] … Let Us Treasure this Affinity
[35] The Emperor Dismisses Court

— Chapters 1-35 of the translation correspond to chapters 1-103 of the original chinese text. These chapters were translated in full.

— Chapter 36 onwards will be an abridged translation of the remaining chapters of the chinese text. I will translate the more important chapters, and summarise the rest.

[36] The Calm Before the Storm
[37] Love Pledged in a Night
[38] Mine
[39] Jealous Woman
[40] The Courtesan, Xuanji

20 thoughts on “Chapters Index

  1. Hi,
    This is Vicky Han from Transn Company. Our company recently has a project, which contains 8 wuxia/xianxia novels, over 10 million words need to be translated and edited. If you’re interested in Chinese novels and want to practice your Chinese translation and editingskills, please contact me: (This is a paid job). Thank you and have a good day!


  2. Ok I am in love with this novel and I want more! 🙏🙏🙏🙏😫😫😫😫 Thanks so much for sharing this novel with us cannot wait for updates!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  3. I’ve only read halfway through this novel and now I’m going to read a little slower to savour it. I’m up to chapter 14 and I’m scared I’m going to run out of chapters and this will lead to withdrawal symptoms (which can be detrimental to my health haha). Seriously though, one of the best translations I’ve read. Usually, when it comes to angst, I feel a lot of pent-up frustration and anger. I want revenge.
    However, reading this, I feel sad and powerless haha, I even cried a few times while I was reading at work – had to step away from the computer though because I don’t know how to explain my tears.

    Thank you 😀


    1. Yep Mo Wu Bi Ge is one of the best romance/ angst authors. ❤ I'm glad this isn't a revenge novel though, cause there's so many of them out there already but this sort of story is much rarer 🙂


    1. There were rumours but nothing was finalised. The author’s other historical romance (set in the same universe) is getting a tv adaptation though, but production has been delayed a couple of times. Her modern day romance has already been adapted to a tv drama, but they changed too much of the story that it’s too far removed from the original.


  4. Hi thank you for your hardwork. Are u not continuing this novel? Im just so in love with this novel and your way of translating. Please update it doesnt matter if its even short summary! Thank you


  5. amazing story truly I love how xuanji character is she is insecure about her self around all the other concubines she feel inferior to them and she doesnt care about jawels or anything else sometines she irritates me because of how long fei li treats her and she keeps coming back to him even though long fei li has his reasons of doing so i think the story overall is amazing of plots and conflicts and everything else the only problem is i dont speak chinese nor can i understand it i wish translatot nim carry on the project please so many anticipated readers are waiting for you sadly no one else has picked up this project.


  6. i love this novel so much although it is long and lengthy i wished it was long more than that…lol cause i enjoyeded so much that i didnt want to end.


  7. I love this love so much! It has the right amount of bittersweet scenes, cute and adorable scenes (i love Xuanji with her servants but sad to now the outcomes) l, frustrating scenes ( so far am reading to 180++ and i could say i hate Xuxi. what a mouth. An old servant who shouldn’t even dare to discuss Emperor’s women but he has to defend at all cost for Xinyi?!) and i dislike her too lol maybe because i am truly rooting for Xuanji haha) and the best part is actually the angst. This is the first time for me to cry over a romance novel (usually only in OG fanfics). The sad parts are just ripping you apart. I am truly bawling (well to add that i also listened to Ruyi Royal Love in Palace OST and the songs were so mellow and bitter and sad). For some reasons i just want to be Xuanji’s mom and protect her at all cost. She is a cinnamon roll, good heart and not soft. I think most people like the male leads but for me i am totally reading for Xuanji XD.

    Anyway thank you for introducing and posting resources for this novel. This is my favorite one. I think i will re-read it again after finishing it for the first time XD! Maybe will read too and check you update for this to see what I missed because Chinese is my fourth language so i might miss lots of points XD


    1. Glad you enjoyed this book too! This was one of the few novels that hit me right in the feels too, even though there’s a lot of original romance novels out there with similar themes. I attribute it to the author’s writing skill 😂 If you’re looking for something similar after finishing this, you can try 非我倾城王爷要休妃. It’s written by the same author and set in the same universe with pretty similar themes & mix of bittersweet scenes 🙂


      1. Yes! Yes! I commend her as well for her writing skill! She could bring her readers to feel deeply and hurt for words lol and i am not even a native but damn words truly can hurt a person! Okay! i will definitely check this one out after finishing this one XD. Once again thank you! If not for you I wouldn’t know and willing to read many chapter haha


  8. i have to say this my favorite novel
    you just live through it so much emotion this kind of novels just draws me in , not many seems to be into angst but it tends to be more realistic things aren’t always fluff and sunshine , so it’s kind relatable , and ofcourse i love your translation style it amazes me so much , i hope you picked up again cause your work is truly masterpiece best wishes and stay safe ❤


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